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Simply put, I am a web developer. I design, create, and support full-fledged websites. Everything you see here, I coded. Most of what you don't see here, I also coded. What you see is the front end: the layout, design and visuals. What you don't see is the back end: server support, web hosting and certain rules to keep things running smoothly. Why is this important? Because I am able to manage full-scale projects, making the possibilities endless! I have a true passion for web development, it is not simply a job for me. I am committed to providing quality service that speaks to my skill, talent and vision.


If Bivens is the man, Blueprint is the machine. Blueprint is the vessel that will ensure your online message is properly communicated. Bivens Blueprint is a vessel to assist individuals, businesses, and other entrepreneurs achieve their goals through quality design, support and security. There are many aspects of web development, from its design, to web hosting, emails, and everything else! Your job is growing your business and serving your customers. Mine is the website. I posses all the resources needed to build a website to suit your needs and get your message across in the most effective manner.

Full Stack Web Development

I will work with you from beginning to end to design, build, modify and host your website. Different businesses have different needs so I will work with you to deliver a full solution to ensure your customers have the best experience when visiting your page.

Ongoing Support

Just because your website is online does not mean the job is done. My approach is designed to provide a partnership as your business grows. I'm here for you every step of the way.

Website Hosting

How will you get your website online? I can ensure your message is shared to your customers. This includes getting your website online and updating information as needed. Not to mention SSL security certificates!


We all want our websites to rank number 1 on Google! Search Engine Optimization is a complex system, but one I will navigate for you to assist in your ranking to make sure you are able to market to the largest audience.

What Sets Bivens Blueprint Apart?

Save Time, Make Money

Your web developer should understand your job is growing and managing your business. Mine job is the web presence. Don't waste valuable time with cookie-cutter third-party services and leave the site to me.

A Business for Businesses

As a small business, I understand the challenges other small businesses face. Your web developer should be more than a vendor, but a partner invested in your success.

Built for Your Customers

Your customers want to access you on the go! I use a mobile-first approach to ensure the right experience.

Project Packages

Many web developers do not list their pricing. Instead, they wait until you've engaged and gotten started in the process before they tell you the website will set you back thousands of dollars! My approach is different. Instead, I have listed prices right here for you to work in the cost of your website into your budget. All depending on the scope of your project, these prices are subject to change, but don't worry, we'll cover all of that before you engage too far. Take a look at my pricing page for more details.

Standard Websites

Starting at

$500 $150
For a limited time!

Most websites would fall into this category. Your standard website would include a display of content to promote your business. A system to book appointments, share content, or engage consumers. Examples would be: your fitness training business, or a landing page to direct customers to a physical location.

eCommerce Sites

Starting at

$750 $300
For a limited time!

Are you opening an online store? An eCommerce Website is a site that manages and tracks payments & inventory. Examples would include online shops or boutiques where we will need to manage inventory, add or remove products, and manage shipping addresses. Additionally, we'll need to integrate a payment processing system to handle these transactions.

Database Projects

Starting at

$1,000 $500
For a limited time!

Database websites are the large-scale projects that will take a lot of time and planning. User logins, areas that only certain people will see, and the tracking of specific categorized data will fall under database sites.

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